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My name is Aylin Tunaçar. I am a Turkish citizen and reside in Istanbul, Turkey. I am a graduate in Public Relations and Publicity, Faculty of Communication from Yeditepe University. I have spent my 3rd academic year in Erasmus University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Aside from my Bachelors Degree, I have started my Translator career in 2014, with translating basic thesis and mid-term presentations and carried on working in related fields since my graduation in 2016. 

Recently, I have lived in Leiden and in The Hague, The Netherlands, to study Dutch in order to broaden my language skillset. I am a native Turkish speaker, fluent in English and have acquired A1 Level Dutch during my time in the Netherlands. 

I am good at interpersonal relations and building a rapport with various people from different backgrounds. I have a very strong work ethic and natural talent of multi-tasking. I extremely enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures, which lead me improve both my formal english and my every day english. 

My last translation experience abroad was in a private company called Astrea Home Tutoring, The Netherlands. I was responsible for helping exchange students with their thesis translations and other related responsibilities. I am currently working as a freelance translator in Istanbul,Turkey. 

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