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I have been working as a English-to-Turkish, Turkish-to-English translator for 5 years. I am specialized in general, legal and cultural-culinary translation.

 Being an award winning barista and going to the best law school in Turkey granted me the chance to travel around the world and my love and talent to languages allowed me to expand this ability even further throughout my education and working career. 

 My past job as a barista and coffee trainor gave me the chance to translate one of the biggest coffee expert's book to Turkish. My legal education allowed me to travel to Europe half a dozen times and participate in world's biggest moot court competitions which required intensive research and translation, English-to-Turkish. I was the only student translator in 2017 when I was admitted to and worked in Istanbul Courthouse in 2017. 

 Being a working expert in both law and culinary allows me to know and understand the subjects. As a result I am able to not only translate accurately, but also to precisely transmit the meaning of the source text. 

 My education of law and work experience helps me to perform rigorous, punctual, and organized. I am able to do my work in discretion and under professional confidentiality. 

 I am confident of our succession together as I approach any work that I undertake with professionalism and responsibility.

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Kasım 2020

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İstanbul, Şişli