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I am an Accounting and Finance graduant with a 2:2 honours degree from the University of Sunderland, and nowadays I am  working in Logitrans Logistics company legally (full time) as a Operations responsible and in Smartcontrol (freelancer) company in Istanbul/Turkey. I have studied ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) F1-F9 papers which mean I have enough information on Accounting and Finance sphere and  using of phraseologies on it. During my Study life I have written more that 20 Thesis and academic project based assignments which have  marked by university professors as a successfully written assigments. In addition I have worked and have had internship in several successfull and well-known companies of worldwide (namely: Lukoil Overseas, Hyatt Regency) which gave me a strong background and knowledge. Now, in my current workplace I have worked with numerous documents in different languages and successfully translated them into four languages in the short period of time, including agreements, business e-mails, web-catalog, web site and EK5 program (uses in CDEK Global company).

I offer you to:

-  Translating all types of document from English, Turkish, Russian, Uzbek - into  English, Turkish, Russian, Uzbek during the short period;

-  Writing thesis and project based asssignments in all mentioned languages;

As a reference I may provide you my writted and marked assignments and you may contact with my managers to get any references about my language knowledge and works done throughout this period.

Best regards,

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Eğitim Geçmişi

International Accounting And Finance
University Of Sunderland / 2013-2017

Sertifika ve Kurslar

Ielts Certificate
Pcıe Mdıs (Ielts Courses) / 2010-2012

Acca 9 Papers
University Of Sunderland / 2013-2017


Üyelik Tarihi
Kasım 2018

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6 gün önce

İstanbul, Ataşehir